Summer and Spring Break Autism Play Groups

Bringing together children in the true spirit of play and friendship.

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Summer Autism Play Groups
Spring Break Autism Play Groups

Autism Play Groups Summer and Spring Break


Summer Autism Play Groups programs combine the award-winning Integrated Play Groups®, Friend 2 Friend Autism Demystification®, and SCERTS® models. These comprehensive summer programs are inclusive peer play, educational programs that focus on developing the social, communication and peer play competencies of all the children participating.


About Play Groups Programs

Summer programs are offered during  July and August yearly. Play Group programs are offered online during the summer of 2020. The programs are designed to meet the social, communication and peer play needs of school-aged children.

The programs are small, stable groups of no more than three children. The programs are offered for 4 consecutive days, Mondays through Thursdays, mornings or afternoons. During Summer 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering online play groups only.

Under the guidance of highly trained professionals, the programs are designed to bring together children with autism with their peers to support the development of true friendships as they participate in mutually engaging affinity-based play themes and child-led activities.

There are two types of programs to choose from, they are:


Like all Friend 2 Friend Programs, Summer Play Groups are comprehensive programs that focus on the development of the social, communication and peer play competencies of all the children participating. As part of the Summer Play Groups programs, we offer the following services:

Pre-Program Services

  • Online Family Course
  • Program Coordinator intake phone call
  • Registration supports as required
  • Support in recruiting expert players (if the program requires)
  • Virtual Transition visit booking, planning, and materials
  • Administrative services (forms, payments, etc.) Families may use Autism Funding or Distance Learning Funding

In Program Services

  • Daily session planning team meeting
  • Affinity-based materials and visual preparations
  • Highly trained professional team (1 Master Guide, and 1 Program Coordinator)
  • Daily One Hour Online Play Group sessions
  • Daily session notes and data collection
  • All materials purchase and designs
  • All visuals designed and created
  • A written camp report upon completion of the program
  • Re-registration Consultation (upon request)

Other Services Offered by the Society (fees apply)

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Program Availability


Days Times Ages Start Date End Date Novice Player Expert Player
RPG Online Play Groups
Monday to Thursday 11:00-12:00 RPG Online Play Group ages 11-14 Aug 17 Aug 20 2 to 3 ($500) Welcomed but not required

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