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Take our free 30-minute, self-directed online learning opportunity to learn about the Society, our programs, and services.

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Family Autism Course
Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society Autism Demystification Online Course

How Our Autism Family Program Works

Course Overview

Our Free Family Training session offers parents, grandparents, siblings, and other family members an overview of the Societies’ guiding principles, philosophy, and programs.

Course Details

The Family Online Course is a 30-minute self-directed online course. The course contains the following topics:

  • Introduction to the Society
  • Tips for Parents
  • Demystifying Autism
  • Overview of our Play Centre Programs

How Our Program Works

Course must be taken using a personal computer (Smartphone, iPad, tablets cannot run the content).
one free login per family

access is provided for three days from the date of registration

once registered, you will receive an email from the LMS with login instructions within 24 hours

please check your spam or junk folder if the email is not received in your inbox

request for additional logins, extended time, or unused logins fees apply ($25 per person)


Please Note: While this course is offered free of charge each login provided costs the Society. Please only register if you are committed to completing the course.

Learning Programs

The Society provides a variety of seminars, conferences, professional development, and online courses. All learning opportunities focus on supporting social inclusion, peer play and friendships between children with autism and their peers. 

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Autism Demystification Online Course
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