Autism Demystification Puppet Program

Fostering understanding, acceptance, empathy and friendships between children with autism and their peers.

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Autism Demystification Puppet Program
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Program Information

The Autism Demystification Programs work to promote understanding, acceptance, and empathy. The programs are evidence-based, social-emotional, educational programs that focus on educating peer groups about autism, while at the same time, teach prosocial communication strategies to enhance social inclusion and to reduce isolation and bullying. 

How Our Program Works

The Puppet Program is a multimodal, 45-minute educational program delivered to small groups
(maximum 50) of children ages 3-10 (K through 4).

A team of three highly trained professionals travel to schools throughout Metro Vancouver to deliver the
programs. They bring with them all the materials required to provide the programs. You will receive
pre-program materials, as well as follow up educational materials and handouts to the children.

Fees: Due to the high demand for programs, minimum of 2 programs is required to book our team.

2 to 3 programs $250 per program

4 or more programs $200 per program


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Autism Demystification Programs

The Society creates and delivers a number of our signature Autism Demystification program for children ages 3 through 18 and adults.

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